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Junior cyclists have got it licked on the Wooler Wheel Borderlands!

The Friends Life Tour of Britain’s passage through the Northumberland town of Wooler in September is likely to inspire a new generation of cyclists in north east England, but the promise of free ice cream for junior riders in the Wooler Wheel Borderlands in May could well have them on the road already.

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Doddington Dairy, the north east’s leading independent producer of farm-made ice cream, has once again offered to sponsor British Cycling’s only affiliated dedicated junior sportive, following the success of the inaugural event last year.

The 30km ride is for under 16s only and takes place on May 16, when up to 1,000 cyclists will hit the roads of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders on the Wooler Wheel Borderlands, which has routes of 170km, 100km and 60km for adult riders.

The Borderlands is also the first leg of the Wooler Wheel Triad, which will see those riders who complete the longest routes in each of the three Wooler Wheel sportives this year made inaugural members of the WW 300 Mile Club.

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